Commercial Marketing

Main activities

Definition of commercial targets

Analyze the market, the competition and the portfolio entrusted.

Define and validate the objectives of winning new clients by sector and region.

Identify key accounts within the portfolio.

Propose and validate by his hierarchy the means of exploration and development of the portfolio.

Identify and validate the main “resellers” according to the indirect sales policy defined by his company.

Conquering customers

Operate prospecting means defined upstream: direct telephone prospecting, animation of an internal and external sales force, representation of his company on trade shows and other events of the profession, etc.

Present to prospects the offer of products and services and the assets of the company in its market.

Listen, analyze and reformulate client needs as part of a proposal.

Negotiate with them the pricing conditions.

Renew the potential indirect sales network by selecting and motivating new business introducers.

Argue, negotiate tariff conditions and “close” the sale.

Customer Portfolio Management

Maintain the contacts with the main customers and present them regularly the evolutions of the offer.

Ensure a relationship at the client as well with the prescribers (functional departments, users of solutions …) with the decision makers (purchasing managers, IT directors, general manager, etc.).

Negotiate contracts and possible renewals with decision makers.

Showcase and sell complementary services to customers (maintenance, training, etc.).

Reporting to the hierarchy and other departments

Ensure feedback from the field to the different departments of the company, especially marketing.

Organize regular reports on the resources deployed and the results obtained (visit report).

Possible activities

The IT sales engineer can functionally animate or hierarchically supervise a small sales team: commercial assistant (s) and telemarketer (s).

He can proceed himself, if not to the technical installation, at least to certain demonstrations or formations.

Its scope of action may be national but also international.

Finally, he sometimes has responsibilities at the edge of marketing and can be responsible for designing marketing tools (sales pitch, for example).

Variability of activities

The missions of the computer sales engineer depend on three parameters: his autonomy, the share of conquest of new customers with respect to portfolio management and the distribution between direct sales and indirect sales.