Email Marketing

You want to create good emailing campaigns but you do not know how to do it? And unfortunately, today, creating good campaigns becomes more and more difficult. Yes, it has become a real challenge. And if you want to have a chance to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in profits , you will have to acquire a lot of knowledge.

Why is it harder? Not only because your prospects are more and more overwhelmed with emails to the point that they can not afford to read them all, but also because it is easier to land in the spam box. So…

What can I do to create an effective email marketing campaign?

Well, you’ll have to overcome three major difficulties. And listen to the good ones because these are THE steps that will allow you to reach your goals. Yes, when you write your emailing campaigns, you will absolutely …

Avoid the spam box in order to have a chance to be seen

Succeed in writing a catchy object to achieve an excellent opening rate

Write a fascinating email and urge your prospects to take action to get a high conversion rate.

But how to succeed in these 3 steps? Well, it will require a lot of knowledge and above all, experience. Yes, you will have to test everything and re-test by analyzing what are the most effective techniques . But for now, here are some basic tips for achieving these 3 steps in your email marketing campaigns …

How to avoid the spam box

Today it is easier and easier to find yourself in the spam box . And it will be your biggest enemy when you set up campaigns of marketing emails . Because if you end up in the spam box you can be sure to get mediocre results …

That’s why the first goal when setting up an emailing campaign is to land in the inbox.

A “spam word” is a word often used for spam campaigns whose use is penalized today. Try to limit yourself to using only one or two in the subject of your email. To know more go on GMK Press ( See the list ) which has a very good list of “spam words”.

Check that the links placed in your email are good and not blacklisted

Avoid repeating the “!!!” or “???” pattern signs several times

Avoid using numbers at the beginning of the object as “-80% on all …”

And this is only a part of everything you have to be careful of not to be in the spam box. Yes, even having been solicited by the subscriber .