Games to Remember

The return of the fight

The audience of the fighting games is now small, but it has at least the merit of being faithful and on the lookout for the slightest novelty. Behind the two behemoths Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign (February 20) and Ultra Street Fighter IV (April), Sega seems to have regained an appetite for 2D, even if it does not bet on licenses from nowhere . With Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax , scheduled for spring (see the trailer ), and now Blade Arcus from Shining , unveiled for the occasion, the “king of the arcade” knows he is sure to hit a target more otaku, sensitive to both the light novels universe and their just-married heroines, or just Tony Taka’s cloned but neat character designs in the Shining case.

Repeating a heroic fantasy embedding befitting the fights of weapons, the title pretty much evokes a Guilty Gear in the old style. We can count for the occasion on two original characters, with Won Pairon and his Chinese dress about to explode, and RyĆ»ga who fights with a claw. Rage, Sakuya and Yukihime from Shining Blade are among the characters already confirmed. Logic for a title that, if we rely on the interface, bet on battles Tag Team (two characters, so). The whole question is whether Sega will go so far as to tap into the “noble” part of the series, the Megadrive / Saturn era, or if it will simply exploit the games of the past decade, and the enthronement of Tony with Shining Tears. Answer next summer, with the arrival of the game in the halls.

The return of safe values

This is the other lesson of this 2014 edition. As every season or so, the halls of Japan will hum with the sounds of Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity (Sega, 2014), Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (Bandai Namco, March) or Annual pop’n Music, here titled pop’n music Lapistoria (Konami, 2014). The robot games thought for the co-op as Mobile Suit Extreme Gundam Vs. Maxi Boost (March), Border Break Scramble Ver. 4.0 or Steel Chronicle Ganesh at Konami are also entitled to their annual ripolinage.

On the other hand, we expected much less to find old licenses like Silent Scope and Alpine Racer, several years after their advent in arcade. With its boldly bold title that smells sweet , Silent Scope Bone-Eater announces the color. The aspiring snipers will again be able to grab the end of their rifle to point at the targets on the screen, in a cyberpunk context – we leave in 2080. The sniper hero, Jin Arclight, will here follow the instructions of the scout, Leila Hagitsuki, when she tells him to eliminate the target. According to the first echoes, everything is done here to encourage immersion, with a rifle that would simulate recoil and a much more resistant detente than usual. The kind of artifices difficult to reproduce at home. Anyway, the game is not planned elsewhere than on arcade for the moment.

While the Olympics of Sochi are in full swing in general indifference, Bandai Namco exhibits him Super Alpine Racer , more than 18 years after the original milestone. Since the screens have evolved, with here a LCD 55 inches while vertical to give a nice impression of speed. Logic for a game where we go down the slopes to almost 200 km / h (!), Not to mention jumps that can extend over a hundred meters. Playable at four simultaneously – or even eight by linking two systems – the game takes the system of the original to believe the echoes, just to slip all schuss on the nostalgia. What refresh the atmosphere of the rooms once the title available in Japan, next June.

A MOBA at Sega

Without downplaying Konami’s announcement of a new music game, with BeatStream and megpoid synthesizer voices, the only real surprise came from Sega and its Wonderland Wars . A game that aims to convert Japanese arcades to MOBA; it is under this domination that his two producers, who previously worked on Sangokushi Taisen, present the project.

Announced for next autumn, with a first test phase in March, the game is largely based on the competition aspect, with here two teams of four heroes, and creep for booster over the game. As a mouse, players will be given a feather pen to manipulate their characters and trigger their skills directly on the screen. Sega has of course secured the participation of experienced dubbers and renowned illustrators to popularize the characters even before the arrival of the game in theaters. Probably not enough to bring back the least seasoned players in the halls, but enough to ensure a new community of worshipers.