New Tech

IT and New Technology

A growing market

The installation of digital in our daily life has led to a process of dematerialization (smartphones and tablets, connected objects) and in its wake the emergence of new professions: 3D graphic designer, web designer, level designer, storyboarder, web developer or multimedia to to quote them. It is far from over because for the next four or five years, half of the trades concerned with computers and new technologies are not yet known. A boon for the younger generation (Y and Z) who has grown and evolved into the world of social networks and new technologies. In the IT field where the needs are also enormous, the region is fortunate to host one of the largest hosts of websites and data: OVH.The Romanian company, created in the late 90s, employs 1,500 employees including 800 in the region, it currently hosts 18 million applications and plans a 50% increase in its workforce in the coming months. Like OVH, IT (“IT”) is part of one of the most dynamic sectors. In the first place the management computer (business intelligence, database management systems) which centralizes 30% of recruitments.

Data protection a priority

It remains to know how to secure all this data, this is one of the major issues of the coming years when we know that 15% of companies worldwide have been victims of a cyber-attack during the year 2015 . professional License in Maubeuge, a specialized Master LMI Lille Douai (former Telecom Lille and Douai Mining) through specialized training as Euratechnologies or Epitech, the sector of securing computer systems and data thickens observes S├ębastien Claeyssens, project manager at Euro Metropolitain e-Campus, a continuing education organization that provides several modules related to cybersecurity in Tournai, Belgium. “It’s exponential, the problem is growing,” he continues. We see it in the media, TV5 and big brands are attacked, but this is for large groups as well as the small SME of five people or the auto-entrepreneur. You rent cars, you are attacked, you can lose X days of turnover because your site no longer works, but today everything goes through the site. “

Video games and 3D animation

If IT is doing well, what about video games and 2D / 3D animation, two markets with exponential growth for several years. In 2015, with 2.87 billion of turnover, the video game was the second largest cultural industry in France,just behind the book. With the possibility of playing in networks, the mediatization of e-sport, the play of games on tablets and smartphones, the French market has literally exploded leading in its wake the Hauts-de-France. Thanks to companies such as Ankama (Roubaix), Bigben Interactive (Lesquin) and centers of excellence at the Plaine Image de Tourcoing or the Valenciennes Digital Greenhouse, the region is recognized internationally for its expertise. It also houses prestigious training institutions (Rubika, 3D Pole) which attract students from all over France to train among others to the professions of game designer, programmer, graphic designer.”There are also new professions that are emerging with companies that were not necessarily specialized in video games and that use similar knowledge for what is called the HMI (human-machine interface), adds Franck Letiec, educational manager at Rubika Supinfogame, in Valenciennes. This means that the formations are not restrictive to the video game market. And then there are also new modes of play, new consumers with virtual reality, since one or two years, it is exploding. ”   Like the video game, 3D animation is also doing very well with French know-how abroad that allows young talents to export abroad