New Tech

Law of new technologies

The development of new information and communication technologies has led to the emergence of new technical processes, allowing a “crazy” flow of information. The law has had to adapt to these innovations and new practices, which are the source of many disputes.

The law of new technologies

The law of new technologies is governed by French law as well as by Community law and international law . Besides the diversity of legal standards governing digital activities, it also uses multiple skills requiring knowledge of other disciplines, such as copyright law , the trademark law, the competition law or offenses criminal (identity theft, defamation or insult to undermine your e-reputation). Our firm, having a collegiate functioning, associates on these files of NTIC of the lawyers with the complementary expertises in order to answer better to these cross-cutting problems.

From the creation to the protection or the transmission of Internet sites, domain names, the management of your online sales (governed by the law of consumption ) or for the compliance of your privacy policy respecting the law of personal data , our lawyers are competent to intervene and will seek to offer you the best advice possible with respect to your expectations.

ICT law: a constant watch over the development of law and jurisprudence

The legislator has noted the need to create a right specific to new technologies, in view of the growing number of disputes: counterfeiting and adwords , defamation on the Internet , issues related to trademarks and domain names , e-commerce , IT contracts , related issues the blockchain or bitcoins …

Our lawyers, exercising their talent in intellectual property law since the beginning of the firm, have naturally interested in the  law of new information and communication technologies. Always attentive to the new practices that are developing in the business world, as well as the new legal and jurisprudential rules that emerge to frame innovation , Avocats Picovschi informs you and is at your disposal to defend your interests and your immaterial rights .

Mastering the specificities of each component of the law of new technologies, our lawyers are competent to defend the rights of Internet users and consumers on the Internet.